Maciej Torbé Returns with Folding Sequel to the Doppler

Maciej Torbé is rolling out the Echo, his latest production model with Real Steel Knives. Torbé’s new model translates the Doppler, his last fixed blade release with RSK, into a large-sized folder. The Doppler was Torbé’s first foray into production fixed blades, and was designed to blend outdoor hard use applications with an updated, technical … Leggi tutto

Andrew Demko’s Modded Broken Skull Turns Heads

It might be easy to assume that custom knife makers only have custom blades in their pockets – after all, they’re surrounded by the the things day in and day out. But that’s not always the case. There are lots of makers who, as knife fans themselves, appreciate a good tool, whether its production or … Leggi tutto

Civivi Gives Fans the Chance to Name Newest Knife

Civivi is readying a new knife for release in June, and it’s called – well, it doesn’t have a name yet. In fact, the budget-focused brand is asking its fans for help in naming the new blade with a month-long contest. The (currently) nameless knife is an in-house Civivi piece, following two other recent reveals … Leggi tutto

Titaner Latest Company to Enter Utility Knife Arena

The Kickstarted utility knife trend continues to zoom along, with the latest model coming from titanium gear manufacturer Titaner. Called the Falcon, it takes advantage of titanium’s innate properties as well as the compact length of utility blades to make a hyper lightweight knife. The Falcon is built around a #11 X-Acto knife blade, which … Leggi tutto

Kizer Contest Gives Fans Chance to Get Their Gear Designs Produced

Kizer has just announced a month-long design contest for its fans to participate in. Called Kizer Fans Design Day, it gives the community a chance to submit designs in certain product categories to Kizer. The winners will see their creations produced by the company. There are two different categories that Kizer is currently seeking submissions … Leggi tutto

Kershaw Kicks Off Sprint Run Series with Return of the Random Leek

Last week Kershaw commenced a new sprint run project. The plan is to turn out limited edition variations of existing models within their expansive catalog. The series kicked off at the end of last week with a new incarnation of the Random Leek. Every knife user knows the Leek. Designed by Ken Onion, the Leek … Leggi tutto

Benchmade Mini Freek Gets Souped-up Variant

Benchmade is readying another new release; this time a line expansion for the Mini Freek series. The new 565-1 brings two major material upgrades to the Mini Freek’s tried and true EDC design. When it originally released, the Mini Freek was clearly channeling the hard-working, relatively affordable ethos embodied by Benchmade’s signature Griptilian series. It … Leggi tutto

Former Kizer Production Manager Creates New Knife Company

Kansept Knives is a new knife company started by Kim Ning, who formerly worked at and designed knives for Kizer Cutlery. Kansept is poised to make a big push in 2020 and establish its name in a highly competitive market. Ning’s official title at Kizer was Production Manager, but he also played a big role … Leggi tutto

Civivi Unveils New Bowie and Cleaver Knives

After a quiet April, Civivi is back with a pair of new releases, the Dogma and the Mini Bullmastiff. The Dogma toes the mid-size knife line with some design homages to traditional folders, while the Mini Bullmastiff brings out a beefy but portable cleaver blade. Dogma The Dogma’s eye-catching blade is a mildly updated version … Leggi tutto

Gerber Reels in Two New Fisher’s Fixed Blades

Gerber just came out with a pair of knives made especially for use with and around fish. The Sengyo and the Rigor share the same materials and construction, but focus on different scales (pun intended) of fish preparation. Sengyo The Sengyo takes an obvious visual lead from Japanese kitchen cutlery, with a 9.5-inch blade. Its … Leggi tutto