Titaner Latest Company to Enter Utility Knife Arena

The Kickstarted utility knife trend continues to zoom along, with the latest model coming from titanium gear manufacturer Titaner. Called the Falcon, it takes advantage of titanium’s innate properties as well as the compact length of utility blades to make a hyper lightweight knife. The Falcon is built around a #11 X-Acto knife blade, which … Leggi tutto

Boston-Based Company Creates Brass-Handled Utility Knife

Oceanus Brass is preparing to launch the Bosun’s Edge, which dresses up the utility knife pattern with some unusual flourishes. Most utility knife designs go in one of two directions: either they opt for the (relatively) larger Stanley-style straight edge blade, or they go for the smaller, thinner X-Acto-style one. The Bosun’s Edge opts for … Leggi tutto

New Shop Creates Inertial-Opening Cyberpunk EDC

RoboRazor Studio is a fresh name on the scene that is seeking to launch the Inertix knife. The Inertix features a futuristic look and comes equipped with an unusual, patented deployment method. Alexander Krivosheya, the co-founder of RoboRazor Studio, openly admits that he is not a knife person. “I’m not a fan of knives. But … Leggi tutto

Origin Goods Crowdfunds New EDC Fixed Blade

Canadian craftsperson Marc Liss of Origin Goods is turning to Kickstarter for a new knife project, the Aleman. This knife goes for the EDC fixed blade market and adds a light multifunctional element to its Japanese inspired design. The kiridashi is a traditional Japanese utility knife, originally intended to wood carving purposes. But the blade … Leggi tutto

Aersopace Engineers Make Debut with Minimalist Utility Knife

Resolute Tools, a brand new California-based shop, is preparing for the first large production run of the X-1, its first knife release. The X-1 performs the functions of a classic utility knife but in a techy, high-quality chassis. The goal for the X-1 project was simple: create a utility knife in the tradition of the … Leggi tutto