Steel Will Scylla Releases with Unique Thumb Stud Setup

The Steel Will Scylla is the latest model to arrive in the company’s steady drip feed of 2020 knives. The Scylla scales things up a bit in size and sports an unusual thumb stud opening arrangement. At heart, the Scylla is a large EDC blade. Steel Will describes the 3.4-inch blade as leaf-shaped; nomenclature aside … Leggi tutto

Latest TOPS Pairing is a Karambit Cleaver and Bush Sword

TOPS has a new pair of knives available to wrap up April/kick off May. The Tidal Force is their latest riff on the cleaver-style knife, while the CUMA Kage breaks into the bushcraft territory in an unusual way. Tidal Force When it comes to cleavers, TOPS has a certain flair. Models like El Chete and … Leggi tutto

New Shop Creates Inertial-Opening Cyberpunk EDC

RoboRazor Studio is a fresh name on the scene that is seeking to launch the Inertix knife. The Inertix features a futuristic look and comes equipped with an unusual, patented deployment method. Alexander Krivosheya, the co-founder of RoboRazor Studio, openly admits that he is not a knife person. “I’m not a fan of knives. But … Leggi tutto

Spindle Collective Releases New EDC Hoodie

A California-based clothing company is releasing the Sigma 50, a premium hoodie designed with EDC enthusiasts in mind. The knife world is one component of the larger EDC galaxy, which gathers a lot of different hobbyists together, each with their own particular interests: flashlights, wallets, tops, fidget spinners, pens, watches. For many, these interests often … Leggi tutto

Grzegorz Grabarski’s Irida Bolsters Bestech Lineup

Bestech and Grzegorz Grabarski, AKA Kombou, have formed quite the partnership, and their latest production collaboration is the Irida. The Irida brings Grabarski’s style to a new blade shape and comes in at an unusual price point for Bestech. It can be hard to sum up Grabarski’s style in a few word. His work mixes … Leggi tutto

Common Mistakes That Knife Collectors Make When Buying New Knives

Knife collecting is one of the most rewarding and addicting hobbies today. It can also be expensive! The record for a collectible knife goes to the Gem of the Orient at $2.1 million. Most collectors don’t dream of spending that much, but knives can still run in the thousands of dollars. Knife collectors know what … Leggi tutto

Victorinox Releases Limited Edition Hunter Pro and Alox Models

A new Damast run of the Victorinox Hunter Pro is appearing alongside the company’s annual special coloration of three core Alox knife products. The Hunter Pro Damast is the largest folding knife blade Victorinox has ever made from damascus. Hunter Pro Damast The Hunter Pro is a Victorinox product that falls outside of their bread … Leggi tutto

Dylan Mallery Creates Slipjoint for Artisan Cutlery

Dylan Mallery, the up-and-coming designer who made his production knife debut with Artisan Cutlery just last year, is back for another production collaboration with the company: the Biome. The Biome is a slipjoint model that exhibits Mallery’s developing style. The dimensions of the Biome make it clear that this one is designed for EDC. The … Leggi tutto

Tommaso Rumici Returns to Viper with Fixed Blade Twofer

Viper Knives is rolling out its latest production collaboration with maker Tommaso Rumici, the Berus series. This is a pair of fixed blade designs that approach daily cutting roles with two different blade shape options. No matter which Berus users choose, they will end up with a sub-3 inch EDC fixed blade. The Berus 1 … Leggi tutto

10 Badass Knife Money Clips

This post was updated in April 2020 with more current models. It was originally published in August 2017. Wallets are large, uncomfortable and bulky (if you’re lucky). But if you’re the kind of guy who’s bent on keeping your pockets as unobtrusive as possible and aren’t bogged down by rewards cards from places like Petco … Leggi tutto